Another big Hulu-baloo!

Wow … it’s been a really long time since I last updated this blog and website! Since my last post oh-so-long-ago, I’ve been up mucking it up and doing the following tiny things: Went to the 2009 CES show thanks to my former boss (Rob you are my hero!).  Took a bunch of photos and posted those to Facebook awhile ago so click the link above if you’re interested. Moved out to Los Angeles for a new manager role in charge of our archival quality and content management operations here at NBCU back in November 2009 Found an awesome apartment right in Hollywood near my favorite haunts. Been staring hours on end at value stream maps, process maps and workflows, storage volumes, spot checking videos, and playing with lots and lots of excel … oh my! Went snowboarding any free day during the weekend that I could get away from … Continued

Oh foodcart … thou art amazing!

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post anything, so I thought I’d proclaim my love for another type of food … yes I know, soup dumplings have set the bar at a pretty high level.  However, since I’ve moved back to New York City, I’ve become a huge fan of food carts. What are food carts? Well funny you should ask! They’re EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE! Yes, I know … what a very zen answer 🙂 Food carts are literally little carts along the street that serve up food quickly, cheaply, and mmm mmm goooood. They’re usually owned by some small vendor that thinks they have some special food to offer to the millions of people living in and visiting the city. In New York City, it’s really quite amazing because you can probably find food carts that serve up any type of food that you like. I’ve … Continued

Soup Dumplings aka Gravity Defying Asian Food?

This blogging stuff is definitely interesting.  I think I have more fun modding it than I actually do writing the entries themselves … Now on to the topic at hand … soup dumplings. What are they you may ask?  Well … imagine this … a dumpling … filled with pork … and soup!  Novel idea don’t you think?  It’s actually quite a skill to make these right.  If you make the skin wrong, it’ll break, soak up the soup, or be too doughy.  Then there’s the art of actually putting the soup in there with the meat before they steam it.  And can you make dumplings with squiggly twisted tops?  Well … I’ve tried … and crashed and burned. Anyways, yes … I like them.  They are tasty.  Especially at Shanghai Cafe over in NYC’s Chinatown (which I went to tonight)!  If you’ve been to Joe’s Shanghai, this is a … Continued