Smart Fan is an EECS 373 project by David Liu and Roger Liu that demonstrates the power of combining microprocessors with ordinary applications.   Unlike contemporary electric fans, Smart Fan has a multitude of features giving the Smart Fan versatility and stalking ability like a #1 Fan should.

Smart Fan: Your #1 Fan...just like the ones that follow you


* Power Up and Self Calibration

    The Smart Fan powers up when the START button of the Nintendo 8 controller is pressed.  At power up, the Smart Fan performs a self calibration scan.   During the calibration scan, the Smart Fan polls five readings from each ultrasonic ranger at each horizontal position.  The function of this scan is to store a profile of the fan's surroundings which will be used later to detect the user.  After the scan has finished, the fan moves into the middle position and defaults to automatic mode of operation.   During the calibration scan, the Nintendo 8 controller is disabled so that the scan completes before user input is allowed.  The Smart Fan powers down when the A button on the controller is held and the START button is pressed.  This is a precautionary feature so that the user does not accidentally power down the fan.

* Automatic and Manual Modes of Operation

    There are two modes of operation: Automatic and manual mode.   In automatic mode, the fan is ready to fan anyone that crosses its path.  When the user crosses the front of the fan, the fan will begin tracking the user and follow their movements.   The Smart fan can also be set to manual mode in which the user can control the horizontal and vertical positions using the direction pad of the Nintendo 8 controller.  The modes are toggled by pressing the SELECT button of the Nintendo 8 controller.   Each individual fan can be turned on and off with the A and B buttons of the Nintendo 8 controller during the operation of either modes.  The mode in which the fan is set can be seen in the 7-segment displays.

* Settings Save and Recall

    Along with the ability to operate autonomously or manually, the Smart Fan has the ability to save the current position and state of the fans.  The current state of the Smart Fan will be saved by pressing the S1 pushbutton on the I/O board.   This state can then be recalled by holding the B button on the controller and pressing the START button.  With this button sequence, the Smart Fan will immediately return to the last state saved in memory.  If there is no state currently saved, the Smart Fan will move to the default middle position.