The dawn of a new era!

Hello … is anyone there? First of all, sorry for the long posting drought. This last year has been pretty crazy around here with work, and I’m hoping to make a fresh start again and focus on what’s truly important and exciting … food and tech!

Now let’s see … what’s happened recently that is worth blogging about? Well this last year has been pretty impressive with all the new iPad and iPhone growth, but that’s a topic for another day. Cloud based music solutions? Nah, not for today. Or perhaps the new Kindle? Nope, I think I’m more in a ranting mood today so I’m going to go with the whole Qwikster/Netflix announcement!

Ahhh where to start. Well as I’m sure the whole world knows now, on September 18, 2011, a day that will live on in infamy as the day Netflix developed a TIME MACHINE. I mean, what other logical conclusion could it be since that’s the day that they announced that they were reverting to a 1990s model of splitting apart their digital streaming and DVD home delivery offerings into 2 separate businesses, Netflix and Qwikster (respectively).  I mean, even the name Qwikster sounds like it’d make a killer internet startup company in the 1990s!

If they don’t have a time machine, then I think they’re in for a huge wallop of trouble.  Reed Hastings at least handled the announcement in a professional way by emailing and blogging about the change to all current Netflix customers.

I can understand that Netflix felt the need to protect and build their  business further, but to me it seems that by splitting the company into 2 businesses, he is now diluting the Netflix market value. Everything nowadays is about content aggregation and this seems to be a slap in the face to that model and the customer’s requests.

There are other video streaming providers in the area that do their jobs quite well as well (Amazon, Hulu, Apple, YouTube, and now Microsoft just recently entered into the foray as well). Physical rentals are still something that there are very few people involved with now. And the fact that Qwikster is being touted as being different since you can rent videos or games isn’t something novel. Heck, Blockbuster has all those same offerings and has for the last few years.  Oh, and without an upgrade charge to get Blu-ray discs thank you very much.

At the end of the day, content is king and I think that is the area that Netflix should focus on in the coming days. With the loss of Starz and no new content providers I think that will be why they’ll notice customers dropping off both Netflix and Qwikster.  As a current Netflix customer, I plan on ending my subscription and sticking to my free Hulu Desktop and Blockbuster DVD/Bluray by mail plan.  Maybe Netflix should start focusing on re-branding again ….

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