Hackers suck

Blah.  I hate hackers.  No, not the white hat ones that are cool and helping corporations, or the glamorous ones that Hollywood likes to portray in movies like Hackers or Tron or Swordfish, magically sifting through and finding loopholes in code in some glorified graphic world as they defeat some sinister agenda .  No … I hate the imbecile kiddie black hat hackers that have a ton of time and boredom and exist to just be a pain in your butt and annoy your daily life.  Why you may ask?  Well … I just spent the last 1.5 hours or so hardening my WordPress instance and cleaning up my database and posts because apparently my posts got hacked.  I apparently got hacked awhile ago before WordPress had released an update to fix one of their security holes a year ago, and all of my past posts have had random drug advertisements inserted into the body of their text (thank you Pharma hack…you jerk!).

If you came and looked at older posts on my sites and noticed that advertisement text scattered through them, I profusely apologize.  Really, I have no personal interest in selling any of you Viagra or Cialis or any other pharmaceutical drugs online nor via mail nor in person.  Anyways, everything should now be back to normal on the site and if anyone ever notices something odd like that in the future, definitely let me know as soon as you see it.

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