Another big Hulu-baloo!

Wow … it’s been a really long time since I last updated this blog and website! Since my last post oh-so-long-ago, I’ve been up mucking it up and doing the following tiny things:

  1. Went to the 2009 CES show thanks to my former boss (Rob you are my hero!).  Took a bunch of photos and posted those to Facebook awhile ago so click the link above if you’re interested.
  2. Moved out to Los Angeles for a new manager role in charge of our archival quality and content management operations here at NBCU back in November 2009
  3. Found an awesome apartment right in Hollywood near my favorite haunts.
  4. Been staring hours on end at value stream maps, process maps and workflows, storage volumes, spot checking videos, and playing with lots and lots of excel … oh my!
  5. Went snowboarding any free day during the weekend that I could get away from the office.  I actually went up a few times to Mammoth, Big Bear, Mount Snow, and Snow Summit and even all the way to Tahoe (Mammoth is definitely the best I’ve ever boarded on)
  6. Become completely NYC food cart deprived, so I ended up going to more special food related events like Jonathan Gold’s 40 of the Best Tastes in LA and the LA Beer Festival
  7. Worked some more … and more …. yep … still working … did I mention I’ve been working a lot? =P

So why did I break my long streak of incommunicado-ness?  I figured the big news of the day was worthy of starting my posting back up!  What is this big news you might be asking yourself?  Well … mark your calendars boys and girls because May 24, 2010 is D-day … the day has finally come when Hulu will start CHARGING *gasp* for it’s video content.

According to the LA Times:

“Hulu would continue to provide for free the five most recent episodes of shows like Fox’s “Glee,” “ABC’s “Lost” or NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” But viewers who want to see additional episodes would pay $9.95 a month to access a more comprehensive selection, called Hulu Plus”

That being said, I’m actually not as devastated as I thought I would be by this news.  Sure my initial instinct is to gag in revulsion and start running for the hills … but after I get past that first hurdle, I’m actually okay with this news.  As you can see below, my living room entertainment center is nice and cozy, and seems like a completely normal setup from a distance.  However, as you get a closer look, unlike most people, I don’t have cable TV!

The only thing supplying my video to that nice 37 inch LCD TV is my handy dandy laptop and a wireless G connection to my cable internet, and a set of old fashioned bunny ears.  I use my wireless keyboard and mouse to laze around on my couch and surf the web to watch mindless amateur YouTube or videos on that beautiful screen.  Occassionally, I’ll switch to my bunny ear input to get the latest game on TV.

But the majority of the time, I’m using Hulu Desktop on my laptop connected TV to get any of my favorite TV shows streaming in High Quality in a beautiful and easy to use 10 foot experience user interface.  Thanks to this awesome application (Hulu dev team you rock!), I’m able to see my automatic queue of subscribed shows and just start chugging through them in my rare moments of free time outside of work.  It’s fast, seemingly HD quality, and has all the content I’m interested in seeing and more.  So that’s why when they start charging a subscription service, I’m willing to pay it.

Nowadays, who has time to get back home to watch shows that they like.  Sure if you have Tivo or a DVR you could set them up to record them, but what about all those poor college students that couldn’t afford anything other than Ramen, let alone a full cable TV subscription!  However, $9.95 a month is something I can handle.  Between Hulu Desktop and my Blockbuster at home service, I have all the content I want, when I want it.  And at the end of the day, video on demand sites like Hulu are the future of television and I’m going to do what I can to support their progression.

Well that’s my technoranty for today.  I got into work today at 6:45AM so I’m thoroughly drained of any further technoenthusiasm, and won’t even bother to proofread through this post (I’m grimacing as I imagine how this will sound as I read through it next time).  Good night and god speed!