What’s with those Facebook app games?

So I’ve got to say that when I first saw my Facebook feed getting filled with requests for “Joimafiawarsn so-and-so’s mafia” and “Would you like to be so-and-so’s farming neighbor”, I was thinking … WTF.  Seriously, what kind of hokey new Facebook apps are these, and why would I want to waste my time with them?  Oh it’s probably just another one of those pirates vs ninjas vs vikings things.

But then one day I decided to take the plung and just check it out.  Little did I know that farmvillewas the beginning of the end.  For some reason both of these stupid little applications got addictingly fun to play.  Each had it’s own unique story line, enough room to let you do what you wanted, a competitive feel, and balance to it all.

From doing mafia jobs to gain experience points, buying up properties, and fighting other mafias in MafiaWars, to planting your own trees, fruits, and vegetables on your farm, raising a herd of animals, and building out your little home  in Farmville … it all just started snowballing.  Now I can’t seem to get enough of these 2 games.

The whole V-COG (Viral Competitive Online Gaming) effect struck again!  (Yes I did just make up that term myself and yes it’s pretty darn catchy).  It really defies logic for me.  Why do we do it?  No reason.  Is it really that fun?  Nope.  Will I continue to play these?  Yep, probably.

I think these types of online interactive games just hit a chord with us.  It’s definitely not about cool graphics (as you can tell bythe mainly text based Mafia Wars game), and you don’t need a ton of fighting or action (take Farmville’s rather pointless planting existence).  It’s another way for people that are spread all over the country and world to feel connected with their wide net of your Facebook friends and do something that all of us enjoy doing … playing games with our friends.  Who cares if it’s online rather than in person … it’s a little bright spot in the day for each of us and we’re all kids at heart.

Maybe it’s just me though.  What do you all think?

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