Occipital’s iPhone Apps

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s iPhone apps?!?!  Just thought I’d give some publicity for the Umich guys over at Occipital (Vikas and Jeff – GO BLUE!) and their awesome new app called “Red Laser – The First Accurate iPhone Barcode Scanner” that has been released on the Apple.  iSmashPhone has put together a whole review around it, but the overall gist is that the guys at Occipital have used their uber CS powers in image recognition yet again to put together a nice app that can scan a barcode of any item using the camera of your iPhone, and automatically pull down pricing associated with it.  Yes, this idea may not sound like it’s a completely new one, but I’ve got to say that the speed and quality of this app definitely makes it a forerunner of technology.

If you’d like to check out more details about it, check out this video they put together.

Not only do they have that cool application, they also ClearCam, also reviewed on iSmashPhone in more depth.  This app is also pretty cool that essentially doubles the resolution of the iPhone’s camera (2 megapixels -> 4 megapixels) by taking numerous photos in quick succession, and essentially merging the best parts of all the images. Only downside is that this is for Cydia aka Jail-breaked-iPhones.

Check out the difference though:

Too bad all their cool apps are locked down to the iPhone’s platform for now … I’m still waiting for that next iPhone killer to come out!  Maybe I’ll try and give that Chinese HiPhone a go again.  Or of course there’s always Android …

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