Zog Sports

As my move out of the city approaches, I’ve been getting sentimental and thought I’d share some of my joys while I’ve been here.  For those of you that may be new to New York City, I’d highly recommend checking out Zog Sports. If you’re a fan of recreational, intramural, co-ed sports and charities, or you just want to have some fun, meet new people and go out drinking afterward, well this is the perfect combo for you.

What’s with those Facebook app games?

So I’ve got to say that when I first saw my Facebook feed getting filled with requests for “Join so-and-so’s mafia” and “Would you like to be so-and-so’s farming neighbor”, I was thinking … WTF.  Seriously, what kind of hokey new Facebook apps are these, and why would I want to waste my time with them?  Oh it’s probably just another one of those pirates vs ninjas vs vikings things. But then one day I decided to take the plung and just check it out.  Little did I know that was the beginning of the end.  For some reason both of these stupid little applications got addictingly fun to play.  Each had it’s own unique story line, enough room to let you do what you wanted, a competitive feel, and balance to it all. From doing mafia jobs to gain experience points, buying up properties, and fighting other mafias in … Continued

Advances in robotics

I’m definitely a sucker for advanced embedded systems … and what’s a cooler application of embedded systems than robots … robots … and more robots! Technology has advanced in great bounds and leaps in recent years, and the sensors on these robotic hands are a testament to these amazing advances.  Incorporating a wide array of sensors from visual sensors to tactile sensors, these robotic hands have the ability to utilize the input data, and be able to process and react to the information in 1/10th of  a second.  This means it can actually dribble a  ping-pong ball, spin a pen, throw a ball, tie knots, grasp a grain of rice with tweezers, and toss/ re-grasp a cellphone all at high speed and accuracy. Check out the video below to see these hands in action!  Definitely quite a bit more impressive than my college auto-tracking ultrasonic sensor fan. 🙂

Tech Support Cheat Cheet

Ok I had to re-post this one up here just because it’s so true!  I stumbled upon this on doggdot.us and couldn’t help but chuckle at the accuracy of it.  I’m sure a lot of you tech inclined folks out there have gotten calls about “Can you help me fix my computer” or “Program XYZ isn’t working” or “My computer is broken”.    If you’re like me, you’ll try to help out and at the end of the day, your process may somewhat resemble the flowchart below =)

Liucid.com … now brought to you in 100% WordPress!!

It’s been awhile since I last touched the site, and not that any of you out there actually care, but I’ve now converted my whole site onto the WordPress platform rather than just the blog itself!  Ok … well maybe I still have some non-WordPress pages, but for the most part it’s cleared!   *Hooray and  let the celebrating commence* All the previous HTML pages that I had should now be converted into nice, clean, easy to manage PHP WordPress pages.  Some of the content on there has also been updated, such as my Experience page and the landing page.  But hopefully nobody noticed the transition phase from yesterday to today. For those of you that may be wondering, “Why does this matter at all?  It still looks the same.”, this mainly gives me a simple Content Management System (CMS) to manage all my pages and information easily through the … Continued

Oh foodcart … thou art amazing!

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post anything, so I thought I’d proclaim my love for another type of food … yes I know, soup dumplings have set the bar at a pretty high level.  However, since I’ve moved back to New York City, I’ve become a huge fan of food carts. What are food carts? Well funny you should ask! They’re EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE! Yes, I know … what a very zen answer 🙂 Food carts are literally little carts along the street that serve up food quickly, cheaply, and mmm mmm goooood. They’re usually owned by some small vendor that thinks they have some special food to offer to the millions of people living in and visiting the city. In New York City, it’s really quite amazing because you can probably find food carts that serve up any type of food that you like. I’ve … Continued

Jokes with Einstein

Well my friend over at SpinnerDisc.com just came out with another witty engineer / nerdy math joke 🙂  I’m a fan of his “Jokes with Einstein” and “Penguin Calls” and “Tiny Plaid Ninjas”.  It’s that quirky, bizarre, and somewhat emo humor that just keeps you chuckling for more.  Check him out!

Occipital’s iPhone Apps

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s iPhone apps?!?!  Just thought I’d give some publicity for the Umich guys over at Occipital (Vikas and Jeff – GO BLUE!) and their awesome new app called “Red Laser – The First Accurate iPhone Barcode Scanner” that has been released on the Apple.  iSmashPhone has put together a whole review around it, but the overall gist is that the guys at Occipital have used their uber CS powers in image recognition yet again to put together a nice app that can scan a barcode of any item using the camera of your iPhone, and automatically pull down pricing associated with it.  Yes, this idea may not sound like it’s a completely new one, but I’ve got to say that the speed and quality of this app definitely makes it a forerunner of technology. If you’d like to check out more details … Continued


For today’s rant, er … blog … I’d like to talk about one simple word.  Storage.  We all just can’t seem to get enough of it nowadays.  I mean seriously … think about it.  Whether it be physical storage for your belongings, like your bike, clothes, guitar, boat, <insert other clutter-full paraphernalia here>, or digital storage for your pictures, movies, documents, mp3s and other byte wielding files, it seems people are making a nice little profit around just how you organize and store it all. I was just checking out some articles online today regarding cloud storage, and it just hit me how often I see this theme throughout my daily life.  As a result, I started to think about it further and decided I would write a little 5 minute blurb to see how much I could find it in my life. In the physical world: Closets – Just … Continued


So hope you all had a nice relaxing Memorial Day weekend!  After a restful reprieve this weekend back in Cleveland and recooperating from last week’s flu (no it wasn’t swine flu), I’m back and ready to get this party started. Today, I  want to give a special shout out to my artistic Umich EECS engineer friends who started http://www.lefthandedtoons.com.  It’s a great web comic site that is based around left handed toons created by two right handed people (Justin and Drew).  Besides having quirky humor that I’m a big fan of, they also show some amazing artistic abilities.  If you get a chance to go there and just look at some of their earlier toons, and compare those with their recent ones, it’s actually quite amazing to see their development.  They publish new toons every weekday, and they definitely keep me coming back for more!

Site Updates

Hey everyone!  It’s been a bit since my last update and … well … I made a few changes.  I’m just taking this opportunity to play around with web design again, while at the same time updating my portfolio as I begin to look for off-program positions.  If you haven’t really noticed much that is different then I’m glad! Removed my RSS feed gadget – I mean who really is going to come here to read that anyways! Migrated hosts – Nxserve just wasn’t reliable/profitable enough so they actually shut down.  They were good while they lasted though …  However, now onto newer and better things with Webhostingpad.  They’ve been great so far, and best of all they’re really cheap (only $1.99 per month including a free domain!).  Despite the price, they still providing plenty of tools like Cpanel 11, unlimited DB, unlimited email, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and a … Continued

Soup Dumplings aka Gravity Defying Asian Food?

This blogging stuff is definitely interesting.  I think I have more fun modding it than I actually do writing the entries themselves … Now on to the topic at hand … soup dumplings. What are they you may ask?  Well … imagine this … a dumpling … filled with pork … and soup!  Novel idea don’t you think?  It’s actually quite a skill to make these right.  If you make the skin wrong, it’ll break, soak up the soup, or be too doughy.  Then there’s the art of actually putting the soup in there with the meat before they steam it.  And can you make dumplings with squiggly twisted tops?  Well … I’ve tried … and crashed and burned. Anyways, yes … I like them.  They are tasty.  Especially at Shanghai Cafe over in NYC’s Chinatown (which I went to tonight)!  If you’ve been to Joe’s Shanghai, this is a … Continued